The Polish iSprayLIFE brand

line of eco-innovative, hypoallergenic products of the latest generation intended for both home and professional use.

Protection of the Baltic Sea

Save the Baltic! Choose biodegradable detergents without toxic, harmful chemical compounds.

Our Baltic Sea is the youngest sea in the world and although it is not large (about 377 000 km2), it is one of the most polluted. We all have a huge impact on it because over 90% of the inhabitants of Poland are connected to the Baltic Sea by using various types of cleaning agents. Most of them contain toxic substances that cause the death of the water body and the formation of dangerous cyanobacteria. In this way, 100% of tourists visiting the Baltic towns have difficult access to sea baths.

Biological environments of many plant and animal species often lose the possibility of proper development. And you can contribute to the reduction of this destructive practice by making a prudent and responsible choice of cleaning products for everyday use. Our iSprayLIFE line was created in the protection of our planet, as well as through its full hypoallergenic properties, to protect our health and our family.