iBlockFIRE Professional

iBlockFIRE Professional

Repeated use fire extinguisher.
Collective packaging - 12 pieces


Carton pack 12 pieces of the product. Art. No 481200


  • Dedicated to every sector
  • Effective guard "home focus"
  • It cares about the safety of you and your loved ones
  • Protects your belongings
  • To extinguish the fires in the bud

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About the product

A re-usable fire spray for use in the household, car, during travel and on vacation. Recommended to extinguish smaller and initial fires

iBlockFire is an innovative 100% biodegradable extinguishing device. The only one in the world that can be used on people. This is confirmed by the PZH certificate obtained for iBlockFire. Our company cares not only about security, but also about the environment. iBlockFire is dedicated to extinguishing groups of fires: A, B, C, F and electrical devices under voltage up to 1000 V. The operating range is up to 8 meters, so you can use it in hard-to-reach places.
The foam foam contained in the spray adheres perfectly to the quenched surfaces without destroying them. After the rupture of bubbles, a gel is released which does not evaporate, and prolongs the operating time by settling on a place covered with flames.
iBlockFire received two awards: Laurel of Innovation and Granite Tulip 2016 and Nomination for Product of 2019 in the category Innovation for Life. We are extremely proud that our product gains recognition and positive opinions of people who have contact with it.
Expiry date - 3 years.

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Capacity 600 ml
Package Karton 12 pcs
Palette 576 pcs
Barcode 5902022990664

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