1. These Regulations define, binding each Participant of the Promotional Action, the rules of purchasing goods from the iBlockFIRE brand line ("iSprayLIFE series") with the transfer of sales profit of 20% (twenty percent) calculated from the retail price (hereinafter "Discount"). The organizer of the Promotional Action is PartGroup Piotr Gertych with headquarter in Radom at ul. Wrocławska 9 (hereinafter the "Organizer").

  2. The place of Promotion is the iBlockFIRE online store


     The terms used in these Regulations mean:

  1. Promotional Action - an offer to sell iSprayLIFE Collection products prepared by the Organizer, on the terms set out in these Regulations. The Promotional Action is carried out mainly via the portal and the online store The promotional campaign cannot be combined with other promotions.

  2. ISprayLIFE online store -

  3. Participant of the Promotional Action - an adult natural person (or a natural person over 13 years of age (thirteen) who has the consent of their parents or guardians, unless such consent is not necessary under applicable law), who accepts these Regulations and the principles of the Promotional Action set out therein.


     Sales covered by the Promotional Action will take place in the online store from 19/03/2020 from 00:01 until further notice.


     The Promotional Action is based on the following principles:

  1. A participant of a Promotional Action has the right, not an obligation, to use the Promotional Action.

  2. The Promotional Action consists in the fact that 20% of the income from the retail price from sales during the Promotional Action selected by the participant of the iSprayLIFE series products subject to the Promotional Action will be allocated to support for hospitals fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. The allocated 20% will be divided by 10% for the Provincial Infectious Hospital SPZOZ in Warsaw at ul. Wolska 37, 01-201 Warsaw and for Mazovian Specialist Hospital Sp. z o.o. ul. J. Aleksandrowicza 5, 26-617 Radom

  3. The entire donation will be transferred by bank transfer in one tranche to the above-mentioned organizations up to 30 days from the date of the end of the Promotional Action

  4. The basis for any complaints is proof of purchase of items in the iSprayLIFE online store.

  5. Goods purchased under the terms of this Promotion are subject to the standard return policy applicable at iSprayLIFE stores.

§ 5

     Participant of the Promotional Action after adding the goods from the iSprayLIFE collection to the cart in the online store does not have to enter any promotion code.


§ 6

     The information on the Promotional Action contained in advertising materials does not constitute an offer or a public promise. The Organizer is not responsible for incorrect or incomplete reading of the password of the Promotional Action.


§ 7
      Any possible complaints related to the way the Promotional Action proceeds, the Participant of the Promotional Action shall, within 3 days from the date of purchasing the goods or attempting to buy them, direct Piotr Gertych in writing to PartGroup to consider the legitimacy of the complaint or request.
§ 8
      The Organizer reserves the right to amend these Regulations during the Promotional Action. The change takes effect from the date of placing relevant written information on the Internet at
§ 9
  1. The organizer is not responsible for any disputes arising from reasons attributable to third parties.

  2. The Organizer will make the Regulations of the Promotional Action available for inspection in the iSprayLIFE online store.

  3. All disputes related to the Promotional Action will be resolved by the court with jurisdiction over the place of the Organizer's seat.