The Polish iSprayLIFE brand

A line of eco-innovative, hypoallergenic products of the latest generation intended for both home and professional use.



ecological re-use fire extinguishers



compressed air for precise dust removal



ecological products for home use

Research from the Institute of Heavy Organic Synthesis confirming 100% biodegradable
Laurel of an Expert - In the "Laurel of an Expert" Competition, service and brand products are distinguished and promoted, which - in the opinion of the Competition Jury - properly meet the needs of customers, are characterized by modernity, high quality, originality and innovation.
Laurel QI - Precision not only in extinguishing but also in creating our product was appreciated by Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. iBlockFIRE Fire Extinguishing Spray has been awarded the Emblem of the Highest Quality International.
ISO - The highest quality of our services is officially certified by the ISO 9001:2015 standard. It's a great honour for us that the accuracy and attention to detail in our daily work has been confirmed and appreciated in this way.
Producer's Guarantee - On each purchased product you will find a hologram with this logo as a proof that it's original and has not been previously opened by anyone.
Hygienic Certificate of the Polish Institute of Hygiene (PZH) - Hygienic Certificate of the Polish Institute of Hygiene (PZH), as it's a document issued by the research and scientific institute - National Institute of Hygiene. The attestation or certificate issued by PZH for a given product certifies its safety for human health and environment.
Eco-innovations - Eco-innovation is an innovation that benefits the environment. It is a versatile phenomenon, permeating many spheres, which shouldn't be limited to one sector.
CNBOP-PIB After many months of certification process, we're pleased to announce that in the beginning of November 2019 iBlockFIRE was admitted to PN-EN 3-7 standard by CNBOP-PIB, which is the superior certification body for fire equipment in Poland.
Innovation for Life - During the Polish Congress of Entrepreneurship we were presented with the main prize in the category "Innovation for Life" from the hands of the head of the European Commission for Innovation, Mr Jurgen Tiedje. It is an incredible distinction for us, but also an ennoblement for further action!
Innovation Laurel - PartGroup received the Bronze Innovation Laurel for the IBlockFIRE 600ml Extinguishing Spray project.
Uniqpol World Class Offer - a prestigious certificate issued to companies and products enjoying international recognition.
Granite Tulip - PartGroup Company was nominated and won the Granite Tulip award for "Unique iBlockFIRE 600ml Extinguishing Spray".
Polish Intelligent Development Award - During the Intelligent Development Forum in Uniejów iBlockFIRE received the Polish Intelligent Development Award in the Innovative Technologies of the Future category.
IEN Institute of Energy - The most important certification body in Poland (recognized in Europe), which confirmed the effectiveness and safe impact of iBlockFIRE on electrical equipment up to 1kW or up to 1000V.
Friendly for the environment. Fully biodegradable. The product is safe for the ecosystem, and does not affect the soil and water environment.
The iBlockFIRE product was tested for resistance of its bottle for pressure resulted by high temperatures. During the tests our product was exposed to constant temperature of 90°C for a time of 5 hours.

Products from the ispraylife line

are absolute innovation on a global scale

  • safe for the natural environment
  • very effective in action
  • portable and handy, very convenient to use
  • they are fully recyclable
  • produced in Poland

Try iSpray LIFE products

iSPRAY LIFE series products are also available for sale in bulk packaging

The product is distributed in a container made of aluminum, thanks to which it is resistant to corrosion. Light and handy to use, easy to recycle. We realize orders in bulk packages, enabling you to buy a pack - 4 pieces of product, cardboard - 12 pieces, pallets - 576 pieces.